VitiCanopy is a smartphone and tablet app developed by a team from The University of Adelaide and The University of Melbourne enabling growers to characterise the canopy architecture and leaf area index of their grapevines.

VitiCanopy on iphone2

VitiCanopy is a tool that growers, irrigation practitioners and scientists can use to quickly and reliably assess spatial and temporal growth and canopy architecture dynamics. This can then be associated with final yield and grape quality. The app was released in September 2015, and was funded by the Australian Grape and Wine Authority. An android version of the app is under development.  See a press release about the app here.


To download the app from the itunes store click here

The following video is a guide to the use of VitiCanopy. This can also be found on the youtube here.

Please contact us at: for feedback, help and support. This app was released through the Adelaide Research and Innovation (ARI).

Development team

The University of Adelaide:

Dr Roberta De Bei

Dr Cassandra Collins

Prof Steve Tyerman

A/Prof Matthew Gilliham

The University of Melbourne

Dr Sigfredo Fuentes


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