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Chethana Gowder Shekharappa

September 10, 2018

Publications: Shekharappa, G.C., Hari, V.K.R., Gopinath, S.M. (2013). Review on Clerodendrum inerme. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Scientific Innovation, 2 (2), 38-40. Open Biological Sciences Journal, 1, 32-37. Shekharappa, G.C., Hari, V.K.R., Mirzaeri, F., Gopinath, S.M. (2013). Review on multidrug resistant bacteria and its implication in medical sciences. Shekharappa, G.C., Dayakar, R.K. (2013). Conservative production of biodiesel from waste vegetable […] Read More...

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Rakesh David

August 27, 2018

SIR Li I, Wu X, Do T, Nguyen V, Zhao J, QinNg P, Burgess A, David R (2018) Quantitative and single nucleotide resolution profiling of RNA 5-methylcytosine. Epitranscriptomics Methods and Protocols, 1870.  Wang D, Gu J, David R, Wang Z, Yang S, Searle IR, Zhu JK, Timmis JN (2018) Experimental reconstruction of double‐stranded break repair‐mediated plastid DNA […] Read More...

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Satwinder Kaur

July 1, 2015

Ramesh SR†, Tyerman SD†, Xu B, Bose J, Kaur S, Conn V, Domingos P, Ullah S, Wege S, Shabala S, Feijó JA, Ryan PR, Gilliham M§ (2015) GABA signalling modulates plant growth by directly regulating the activity of plant-specific anion transporters. Nature Communications 8879. Read More...

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Sunita Ramesh

D.H. Tejavathi, G.L.Sita., *A.T.Sunita. Somatic embryogenesis in Flax. Plant  Cell, Tissue and Organ culture 63, 155-159 (2000). Sunita A. Ramesh, Ryoung Shin., David J. Eide, and Daniel P. Schachtman Differential Metal Selectivity and Gene Expression of Two Zinc Transporters from Rice. Plant  Physiology 133, 126-134 (2003). C. Channuntapipat, M. Wirthensohn., S.A. Ramesh, I. Batlle, P. […] Read More...

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