Science is Alive! in South Australia

Science is Alive! in South Australia

August 16, 2019




For 4 years, Plant Energy Biology has proudly supported Science Alive!, an interactive and thrilling science exhibition for South Australia’s curious kids, with this year being no exception.

Science Alive! was an initiative launched in 2006 by the SA Coordinating Committee of National Science week, where 14 years on, it is only becoming bigger, better, and more anticipated by the community. This year’s event has been held over 2 full days for the public, and 1 full day for local schools, with over 60 interactive exhibits to ignite the inquisitive minds of South Australia’s kids.

Plant Energy Biology and Science Alive! share the same passion of celebrating science and technology, and communicating how it has and continues to benefit society. Plant Energy Biology once again managed to successfully grasp the curiosity of the crowds, and educate the younger generations (as well as many curious parents), about the importance of plants, their needs, and the future challenges that the plant industry is facing.

1,800 units of our take-home plant salinity experiment and countless discussions later, we were pleased to see that the children of South Australia are extremely clever, knowing more about plants and their needs than we initially thought. It is safe to say that we have a promising future leaving these challenges in the hands of the next generation that is environmentally and scientifically conscious, and as inquisitive and curious as ever.



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