Gilliham lab

Our research is broadly focused on cell specific solute transport and signaling processes in plants. Our specific research aims include:

  • Improving the salinity tolerance of crop plants.
  • Exploring the physiological significance of GABA signalling in plants.
  • Exploring the physiological significance of cell specific ion accumulation.
  • Understanding the energy costs of plant solute transport processes
  • The use of knowledge gained from the above in breeding programs to improve crop nutrient use efficiency and abiotic stress tolerance.

Tyerman lab

Our research is broadly focused on solute and water transport, signaling processes in plants and wine grape physiology. Specific research aims include:

  • To understand how aquaporins are regulated in plants and the signalling that coordinates root and shoot water transport.
  • Exploring how GABA signaling controls plant transporters.
  • Exploring the selectivity of plant aquaporins.
  • Exploring the energy costs of water and anion transport in plants.
  • Exploring transport systems for phosphate and their integration with the whole-plant phosphate regulatory system.
  • Identification and characterisation of novel transporters involved in biotrophic interactions.
  • To understand the molecular and physiological events that underlie cell death in the grape berry (ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production).
  • To develop new tools and sensors for viticulture (Vineyard of the Future Initiative).
  • To develop mitigation strategies for grape growing in response to warming and heatwaves.

Independent Research Fellows

Megan Shelden

Philip Brewer


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