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Aluminium-activated malate transporter improves alkaline pH tolerance in wheat

October 28, 2020

Soil alkalinisation is a constraint for crop production in Australia with about 30% of Australian soils classified as sodic and 86% of these classified as alkaline. To improve alkaline pH tolerance of crop plants, it is necessary to identify alkaline tolerance mechanisms and the genes underlying these mechanisms. A recent study involving researchers from the […] Read More...

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The role of the HKT1 gene in sodium exclusion in Grapevine

September 10, 2020

In 2017, scientists from PEB and CSIRO focused on the roles of the HKT1 gene family in grapevine that encodes for sodium-selective proteins. Initial research focused on the HKT1;1 allelic variant of the HKT1 gene family, to find if it could potentially have an integral role in sodium exclusion due to correlations found between the […] Read More...

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Discoveries into the Strigolactone and Auxin Interactions Influencing Vein Formation

August 20, 2020

A new discovery has revealed the effects of plant hormones on plant development and growth, as well as how these hormones interact together. The team of researchers, involving ARC Future Fellow, Dr Philip Brewer discovered that when strigolactones are applied to vascular plants, auxin is suppressed and transport of it is reduced. Strigolactone hormones are […] Read More...

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