Ancestral salt pump gene brought out of retirement

Ancestral salt pump gene brought out of retirement

July 1, 2012
Our paper on improving the salt tolerance of wheat was published by Nature Biotechnology in March. It is the first study to show a considerable improvement in the salinity tolerance of a cereal crop in the field through the manipulation of a particular gene – we demonstrated a 25% increase in grain yield compared to the parental variety. The work was the result of a strong collaboration with our colleagues at CSIRO Plant Industry in Canberra, Rana Munns and Richard James, and other research agencies including the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics.The paper has since received considerable interest from around the world, both from the scientific community and the media.

For a lay summary of the work see our Scientific American article.

A few of the media stories and links to audio see below.

BBC World Service (after 8m20s)

ABC Radio Bush Telegraph
ABC Radio AM
ABC Radio National
The Australian
The Times of India
New Scientist

Also an interesting report that includes the view of the farmer involved in the study.


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